Early PREGNANCY Canine & Feline Rapid RELAXIN Test Kit (RLN) – For Dogs & Cats


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EARLY PREGNANCY Canine & Feline Relaxin Test Kits 

Rapid Test RLN

For Dogs and Cats


**Single Test Kit**



EXP. DATE: 12 months or later from the date of purchase

Each kit includes: 

– Test cassette

– Sterile Disposable Dropper

– Centrifuge Tube

– Instructions Leaflet

Test requires a blood sample!!!

Works with serum or plasma.

Test does not include any blood collection equipment.

centrifuge is needed to get the serum and plasma required for the test.

The test can be performed as early as 22 days after mating (ideally 25 days). For smaller breeds and cats we recommend to perform the test at least 30 days after mating for better accuracy. Early detection can lead to negative results.

Relaxin is a specific hormone generated mainly by the placenta. It is usually used as an indicator of pregnancy status in female dogs/cats. In pregnant pets, relaxin can be detected from 15 days after the nidation of fertilized egg in the uterus wall. The A PET CARE Pregnancy@Relaxin Rapid Test is a rapid test to detect relaxin in pet’s blood. The suggested detection period is 20-30 days after mating. Too early detection may lead to a negative result when relaxin in serum is too low. It is suggested to repeat the test after 1 week if a negative result was observed.


Collect whole blood from the patient pet, centrifuge to separate the serum from the red cells, or place the whole blood directly into the tube with anticoagulants to get plasma.


Results are ready in 5-10 minutes.

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