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End Herpes Now with Dr. Sebi’s original formula with Herpes Treatment.

For Type 1 and type 2 oral and genital herpes, including herpes zoster (shingles).

100% All-Natural Herbal Ingredients
Maximum Strength Formula
60 capsules per pack. 1 month supply
Please read directions and recommendations below
When doctor’s prescriptions don’t work, look to nature to end herpes.
Herpes Treatment is a proprietary formula of natural herbs that will suppress and kill the virus with a 3-6 month program depending on your weight. Herpes Treatment also helps prevent the spread of herpes to other partners by slowing the virus from shedding and keeping the virus dormant during the treatment. Herpes Treatment should not be used as a substitute for protection such as condoms.
Directions and Recommendations:
For adults up to 160 lbs:  take 2 capsules, once per day. During active outbreaks and symptoms, take 2 capsules, twice per day. Continue this for 3 months to boost your immune system and eliminate the virus.
For adults 160 lbs or more: a minimum of 4 months is required to eliminate the virus, or take 3 capsules, once per day. During active outbreaks and symptoms, take 3 capsules, twice per day.
There are certain foods that can be herpes “triggers” and by watching for these ingredients in your diet and reducing them when you can be beneficial. These foods are typically high in the natural amino acid Arginine. Foods high in Arginine include coconut, oats, tree nuts, chocolate, cocoa, seeds, peanuts, soybeans, orange juice, and seaweed (nori). Red meat has a high level of arginine as well, so try to have smaller portions of these when possible. Avoid excess sugar, and refined white flour when possible. It is not critical to avoid these ingredients, but to be conscious of them.
There are certain foods that help stop herpes viral activity. These foods include most vegetables and dairy such as yogurt, milk, and eggs. Seafood, shellfish, and poultry, are good proteins that promote a strong immune system allowing the virus to die. Also, increasing your water intake daily, which helps eliminate toxins and impurities in your body.
Lastly, it is essential to rest! Most of the body’s healing and strengthening happens while you sleep. Healthy people get 8 hours of sleep and/or rest each day. This is very important.
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