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Experience PK24

“The Perfect V Tightening Effect.”


“This cream transformed my marriage!” — M. Mack, Los Angeles, CA

PK24 is the premier, clinically proven, vaginal tightening, and rejuvenation cream.

PK24 hydrates and tightens the interior vaginal walls creating a significant tightening effect, and restores the feeling of youthful resilience.

Over 30 million American women experience vaginal loosening or relaxation resulting from childbirth, aging or muscular de-conditioning. Although rarely discussed, vaginal laxity is an extremely common and challenging issue for millions of women.


Years of Responsible Research, Focus Groups and Innovation Led To The Development of PK24


* Significantly Tighter Feeling Vagina within 5 Minutes.

* Lasts 24 to 72 hours.

* The PK24 Effect is Well-Loved By Couples Around The World

* PK24 Boosts Confidence & Feminine Sexual Esteem

* Heightens Gratification for You & Your Partner

* Enhances Natural Lubrication

* Enhances Control, Creating More Impactful Sensations

* Increases the Frequency of Orgasms

* Enhances Intimacy. We hear this a lot. (Check out the editorial in First Magazine)

* Effective, non-surgical, private option. Safe and simple.


A Tighter and more Supple V means amplified internal vaginal sensations.


Many women tell us their interest in having sex significantly increases and that their enthusiasm during sex is “surprisingly impressive”.

One Clients describe The PK24 Effect this way…

“PK24 inspires me with an Irresistible Secret Power.
It’s wild because, after using PK24 a few times, I began to fully understand it.
Once I fully understood it, that “Secret Power” morphed into a “Super Power.”

Quote: “Once I actually used PK24, I began to understand that this stuff … it Is Powerful.” – K. Rocca, Portland, OR

Featured on TV, Social Media, National Radio and National Magazines

Allure Magazine . O’ Magazine . More Magazine . First for Women Magazine . Ladies Home Journal . VH1, Jackie Christie, Star on VH1’s Hit Reality Show Basketball Wives LA . The Doctors, The Vagina Show . Best Body Magazine . Café Mom – Behind the Cream . Bliss Tree . Playboy Radio . Allure Magazine . Complete Woman . Ask Dan and Jennifer . Clutch Magazine . Stacy Knows .

International Press in USA, South America, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Canada, Russia, Poland, UK, UAE.

The creators of PK24 are the global leaders in developing safe, highly effective and sensible solutions to address vaginal laxity issues.

  • V Laxity or loose vagina reduces satisfaction levels for both partners.
  • Over 40 million American women experience vaginal loosening or relaxation resulting from childbirth, aging or muscular de-conditioning.
  • Although rarely discussed, this is a common, very real and challenging issue for millions of women.
  • PK24 immediately creates a noticeably tighter effect.
  • The inside of the vagina feels tightened, plumped and nourished. This is a phenomenal effect which makes it possible for women to experience the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation without the risks and expense of surgery.
  • PK24 is responsibly researched, manufactured ONLY in the USA in a FDA certified facility.
  • Gynecologist and Obgyn approved. Recommended by physicians globally.
  • Clinically proven to be safe and effective.
  • Natural, non-irritating, does not disrupt flora.


PK24 is a catalyst to transforming your love life so get it, embrace it, have fun and enjoy!




Exclusive “eBay Only” 15ml – 30+ Day Supply

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Very Limited Supply of Promotional Inventory!

.15 ml – Regular MSRP: $44.95

  • Clinically Proven Safe and Effective.
  • Manufactured only in The USA
  • Fast 1 Day Shipping . Ships From The USA




“This cream transformed my marriage!” — M. Mac, Los Angeles, CA

“I feel like I have a secret power like I have never felt before. This is going to change the way I think about myself for a long time to come. Thank you for thinking of this and, believe me, I am telling all of my close friends. I even told my mom about it.” — J. Starnes, Little Rock, AR

“I hope more women become educated about your product. When appropriate, I have recommended it to my patients as a surgical alternative or in conjunction with Kegels.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful you and your product are.” — Dr. Elizabeth M. (B.S., M.S., Pharm.D, Ph.D)

”Anybody out there having doubts, just purchase it and try it.

My husband and I have always had wonderful intimacy but pk24 really adds an amazing spark!” — Ruth, Jacksonville, FL

“I was amazed at the difference pk24 made for both of us. My husband is such a sweetheart; he would never have mentioned it. It’s a brilliant and fantastic product and I thank you for developing it. My husband really thanks you!” — J. Shelley, Washington D.C.

“This stuff really works! I’m truly shocked but quite pleased with the results!” —bratnat21


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I do kegels every day. Will I notice any difference with PK24?

A: Yes, Absolutely. PK24 addresses a different set of issues. Keep doing those kegels to strengthen and preserve muscle tone.

Q: When is the best time to apply the cream?

A: Anytime is a good time. PK24 starts working in 5 minutes. One application creates a noticeable effect for 24 to 72 hours and 2 applications over several hours should last a minimum of 72 hours.

Q: Is pk24 safe for oral sex?

A: Yes. The ingredients in pk24 are food safe. There is an ultra light hint of cherry that disappears in a couple of hours.

Q: Is pk24 a good lubricant?

A: PK24 promotes natural lubrication and assists your body in creating its own natural lubrication. It is absolutely fine to use a lubricant with PK24. PK24 is AWESOME and a lubricant just makes everything even better!

Q: Is pk24 safe to use while pregnant?

A: We have no data to indicate that PK24 wouldn’t be safe to use while pregnant but we also don’t have any clinical information regarding use during pregnancy. Because we want you and your baby to have the best possible information and care, please, always consult your physician prior to introducing something new. This is always recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.

Q: Does pk24 have any hormones in it? A: No

Q: How many applications are in the bottle? If I used it daily, would it last a week, a month, several months?
A: When used daily, 1oz bottle of PK24 lasts 60+ days . 15ml bottle lasts 30+ days.

Q: How much do you use for a single application? A: 1 to 2 pumps maximum. About a dime-sized amount or less.

Q: Is there a scent or taste? I’d like to use this without the knowledge of my boyfriend.

A: PK24 has a lovely fresh cherry scented flavor when first applied. The scent is very light and a couple of hours after application, the scent and flavoring disappear.

Q: Can I take a bath in the evening if I’ve already used pk24?
A: Yes, absolutely. Bathing, exercise and other routine activities won’t affect the tightening effect of PK24.

Q: Will pk24 stain clothing or linens?

A: No. PK24 is water-based and colorless. The solution is clear, ultra-light weight and won’t stain fabric. Also, keep in mind, PK24 is applied internally and application calls for a small dose of the solution. Once applied, it quickly absorbs. PK24 is extremely simple to use, no fuss and no mess.

Q: What are the ingredients in PK24?
A: Aloe-barbadensis leaf, a soothing plant extract, vegetable derived glycerin; a natural moisturizing ingredient; and PT alum, a naturally occurring mineral; sodium citrate anti-antioxidant, and natural preservatives – food-grade, vegetable-based, plant-based, water-based and water soluble. Non-drying, non-irritating.

The proprietary PK24 formula is safe, gentle and nourishing.

💕Cruelty Free, Not tested on animals.

Q: Prime the Pump
A: pk24 is packaged in a Sanitary, Airless Pump Dispenser. To activating the pump dispenser – several quick full pumps. There is no tube inside of an airless pump dispenser

Manufactured in The USA, FDA Inspected Facility, GMP, CGMP Certified, Clinically Proven Safe and Effective.

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All customer details are kept strictly private, and all items are mailed in 100% discreet, private packaging.

Thank You & Enjoy PK24!


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PK24 Vagina Tightening Cream




Vagina Tightening Cream


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